Budget friendly custom freestyle sets now available!


How long does the nails last?

press-ons can last one day with adhesive tabs, or 7 days to 2 weeks using the glue. It is important to properly Prep your nails or else they will fall off.

Are they reuse-able?

All of our nails sets are reusable, handmade and Pre-made! You can use the nail tabs provided, which allows you to reuse the several times, or you can purchase a cheap nail drill to remove glue from the back of the nails.

Do you ship internationally?

international shipping is available for certain locations.


Do you offer custom orders?

To inquire about custom sets, fill out the contact form at the bottom section of the site, you will be contacted back shortly. You can also inquire about orders through Instagram and Facebook 

Do you except cancellations, returns or refunds?

we only except cancellations within 24hrs. Returns and refunds are not excepted unless we are at fault. If you have any issues with your order please contact us at ninamonails88@gmail.com, so that any issues can be resolved.

How long will it take to process and ship my order?

All made to measure and custom sets can take 7-14 days, depending on the amount of orders, ready to ship and pre-made sets are shipped out in 1-4 days. If you have placed an order that includes a ready to ship and/or Pre-made, with a made to order or custom set then all sets will be shipped out once your made to order or custom set is finished.

How do I size my nails?

there are three ways to get your accurate nail sizes. You can purchase a 20pc ready to ship set. You will receive a 20pc set, which includes two of each size. you can buy a sizing kit, which comes with 10 blank nails sizes 0-9 in the shape of your choice, on a card to keep record of your sizes. you can order any set of your choice and choose custom for your nail size then choose free sizing kit in the size section. Your sizing kit will be sent to you first. Once you have received your sizing kit, you will then email us with your sizes. Your nails will be completed once you sizes are sent in.